7th Grade STAAR EOC TEKS Aligned Task Cards 7.3 A,B and 7.4 A,B,C,D



TEK aligned task cards are the perfect resource to help your students pass the 7th grade STAAR/EOC. No more searching for extra practice problems. These task cards look similar to the test problems and use much of the same wording and vocabulary. Spiral these cards throughout the year. Use them as entrance or exit tickets, in small group intervention or enrichment, for individual practice, in a game setting, in interactive notebooks, as a whole group activity, and more!


This resource includes:

Category 2 TEKS 7.3 A,B and 7.4 A,B,C,D


20 STAAR aligned cards labeled by TEK

14 Readiness & 6 Supporting


7.3 A (2 cards)…Supporting (add, subtract, multiply, and divide rational numbers fluently)

7.3 B (5 cards)…Readiness (apply and extend previous understandings of operations to solve problems using addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division of rational numbers)

7.4 A (5 cards)…Readiness (represent constant rates of change in mathematical and realworld problems given pictorial, tabular, verbal, numeric, graphical, and algebraic representations, including d = rt)

7.4 B (2 cards)…Supporting (calculate unit rates from rates in mathematical and real-world problems)

7.4 C (2 cards)…Supporting (determine the constant of proportionality (k = y/x) within mathematical and real-world problems)

7.4 D (4 card)…Readiness (solve problems involving ratios, rates, and percents, including multi-step problems involving percent increase and percent decrease, and financial literacy problems)


Multiple Choice and TEK Aligned

Answer Key

Student Recording Sheet


Task Cards have many uses in the classroom. Here are some!


Test Prep


Exit Tickets


Small Groups

Cooperative Learning

Interactive Notebooks

Test Reviews




Whole Group

And more…


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7th Grade STAAR EOC TEKS Aligned Task Cards 7.3 A,B and 7.4 A,B,C,D