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English Language Learners in Math, teacher at front of room

English Language Learners in Math

When it comes to supporting English Language Learners, there is a lot of general advice on best teaching practices. But as a math teacher, you are probably stuck wanting to know more about English Language Learners in the math classroom. Here is some of my best advice for helping ELLs

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Focused Note Taking, student taking notes

Focused Note Taking in Math

Picture this: teacher at the front of the room, lecturing, writing notes on the board and a classroom full of students frantically writing away just for the sake of writing down the information. I’m sure you know this scene all too well. You go over a topic, give students notes

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Metacognition in the classroom, student taking notes on black board

Using Metacognition in the Classroom

Students struggling with using metacognition in the classroom? You are not alone!  I’ve been a math teacher for over 15 years and lately I’ve noticed that students are lacking an intuitive sense when it comes to solving math problems. They do not seem to understand when the answer they have

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