Geometry Triangles & Area of 2D Shapes Escape Room



Geometry Triangles & Area of 2D Shapes Escape Room

Give your students comprehensive practice on triangles (classification, missing angles, relationships between sides and angles, and the Triangle Inequality Theorem) and finding the area of 2D shapes. This is a NO PREP Escape Room using technology! Just hand your students the worksheet, give them URL for the google form and they’re ready to go!

This resource includes:

  • More than 35 problems including:

Classifying Triangles

Triangle Inequality Theorem

Relationships between sides and angles

Missing Angles in Triangles

Areas of Triangles, Rectangles, Squares, Parallelograms, and Trapezoids

Word Problems

  • Teacher Instructions
  • Reference Sheet for students
  • Google Form URL for students to enter their codes
  • Answer Sheet
  • Answer Key
  • Writing prompts, silly riddles, and/or reflection questions included

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Testimonials for Geometry Triangles & Area of 2D Shapes Escape Room:

I have purchased a few escape room activities from various authors on TPT and this one ranks up there with the good ones. Well thought out & also easy to prep and use. Mary S.

Kids loved this and I appreciated that it was on google forms. I posted it to Classroom and they were able to use it to practice independently. I will definitely use this again next year. Susan C.

I love the rigor and thoroughness of this resource. There is a great range in difficulty level. I also love the puzzle aspect of the Escape Room concept. Ken D.

This is an amazing resource! The conversations it promoted were fantastic. It was the perfect level of challenge, and my students were so engaged. Wonderful! Taylor H.

I used this for review with my students the first week of our distant learning, divided this into 3 days, 2 sections each day. Then I shared the sections by uploading to Schoology and had students type answers into Google Doc to share with me. I like the final check with the codes to escape, making this activity self-checking. Kimberly C.

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Geometry Triangles & Area of 2D Shapes Escape Room

Geometry Triangles & Area of 2D Shapes Escape Room