Regular VS Literal Equations A Comparison Activity



Regular VS Literal Equations: A Comparison Activity

How often do your students get confused when trying to solve a literal equation? In fact, it’s like all of the rules of Algebra are completely forgotten. Teach your students to solve both a regular equation and a literal equation side-by-side. For example, students solve the regular equation, and then similarily, the literal equation beside is solved. Students can then compare the similarities in solving these types of equations.

In addition, this resource includes an activity that uses writing in math. Choose one of the problems to solve and write in words the process in a step-by-step format.

Also, a rubric for the math words activity and an answer sheet are included.

This resource includes:

  • 24 Regular and Literal Equations for students to solve and compare
  • My Math in Words Suggested Instructions
  • My Math in Words Student Sheet
  • Student Answer Sheet
  • Rubric
  • Answer Key
  • Color and B/W copies

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Testimonials for Regular VS Literal Equations

This activity is great for showing students how literal equations can be solved like one-variable equations. I love the side by side view of problems. Vanessa B.

I really like this idea of drawing connections between the two types of equations. Math Inc

Students are not really fans of literal equations. I felt this activity helped them out and understand the concept. Myra D.

This really helped my students realize that literal equations and regular equations are one in the same, essentially. Same ways of solving it, just solving for different letters. Ms A Learns

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Regular VS Literal Equations

Regular VS Literal Equations A Comparison Activity