Solve One-Step Inequalities (Fractions & Decimals) Google Form



Solve One-Step Inequalities (Fractions & Decimals) Google Form

DIGITAL, NO PREP, SELF-GRADING practice, solving one-step inequalities with fractions and decimals. Here are 10 problems using google forms for your students. Use this resource as a Google Form and also a worksheet activity. Last but not least, answer key and detailed instructions are included.


  • Ten problems each in a self-graded google form AND Powerpoint

Google Forms Version: Students answer questions and then receive an immediate score after pressing submit.

Powerpoint Version: Print the slides (4 to a page) or use in google classroom

  • Teacher Instructions
  • Link to the google form
  • Answer key

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Testimonials for Solve One-Step Inequalities (Fractions & Decimals) Google Form

This was a super helpful resource for me to check to see if my students understood the lesson! Victoria R.

Thanks, this was a great check for understanding. Lisa G.

Grade-level/skill specific. Very convenient, Google Drive, format. Kevin F.

Great resource to add to my daily distance learning slides. Jess M.

Great activity for online learning. Thank you! Perfect for independent practice.  Yonia B.

I loved that it was self graded and easy to upload to google classroom. Desiree S.

This material was a great addition to the assignment that was assigned. Nancy B.

This was great to check for understanding during distance learning. I will also use it next year since we are going 1:1. Mary R.

Was able to pick and choose items from this to create my own assessment (used other items for the alternative assessment). Time saver and great for remote learning. Vicki M.

This was great practice for students. Additionally, the cards were clear and provided great review before an assessment. Linda G.

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Solve One-Step Inequalities (Fractions & Decimals) Google Form

Solve One-Step Inequalities (Fractions & Decimals) Google Form