Volume Regular Pyramids & Cones Google Forms



Volume Regular Pyramids & Cones Google Forms

DIGITAL, NO PREP, SELF-GRADING practice finding the volume of regular pyramids and cones. Here are 10 problems using Google Forms for your high school Geometry students. Use this resource as a Google Form and also a worksheet activity. Last but not least, answer key and detailed instructions are included.

This Volume Regular Pyramids & Cones Google Forms includes:

  • Ten problems each in a self-graded Google Form AND PowerPoint

Google Forms Version: Students answer questions and receive an immediate score after pressing submit.

PowerPoint Version: Print the slides (4 to a page) or use in google classroom

  • Teacher Instructions
  • Link to the Google Form
  • Answer key

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If you have any questions please contact me at [email protected].

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Volume Regular Pyramids & Cones Google Forms

Volume Regular Pyramids & Cones Google Forms